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Q.  My credit card payment was accepted when I ordered, but i've subsequently been asked for additional info ..why?

Although your payment was accepted by our credit card processor, to prevent credit card fraud all our orders are manually screened and occasionally it's necessary for us to run additional checks to verify a card payment to complete the order.

Because this is a cardholder-not-present transaction we reserve the right to run additional fraud verification checks against it. In all cases of fraudulent online transactions, it is always the vendor who suffers the loss, therefore  we kindly ask you to undergo our verification procedure and hope you will accept our apologies for any delay.

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Q.  Which payment gateway do you use to process my payment?
This store uses the RBS WORLDPAY secure payment system to process your payment. RBS Worldpay is one of longest established and trusted internet payment systems and is part or the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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Q.  What's the price in my currency?
You can easily see which currencies our store accepts by using the currency menu in the top left of each page. Simply select whichever currency you prefer and the prices will be updated throughout the store. If the currency you select is your local currency, then these are the exact prices you will pay when you make a purchase.

If your local currency isn't available in the menu, then whichever currency you choose will be converted to your currency by your card issuer at the prevailing rate at the actual time the transaction takes place (ie. when you finally confirm your order at the checkout). We have no control over this as it's a matter of global economics and bank exchange rates vary on a daily basis, so it's always a good idea to check the exchange rates before you buy something, just as you would when you travel abroad. For up-to-the-minute exchange rates we recommend the excellent online currency converters at or

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Q.  What credit cards do you accept?
The credit cards we accept are clearly indicated throughout the store at the foot of most pages. However, we can only accept UK Maestro cards over the phone, so if you want to pay with Maestro please call us during office hours with your order. All other cards shown are accepted through the online checkout.

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Q.  Do you accept Visa ELECTRON cards?
Sorry, no. The ELECTRON card is in the process of being phased out by Visa Europe and our payment gateway provider (RBS Worldpay) no longer allows us the option to process cards bearing the ELECTRON logo.

However, we DO accept all other VISA cards (Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Visa Delta etc), plus most other major credit cards.

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Q.  I don’t have a credit card, how can I pay?

We can accept UK cheques or postal orders. Please call us if you wish to pay this way. Please DO NOT send cash in the post!

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