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Wishlist FAQ Wishlist FAQ
What is a Wish List?
A Wish List is a way to save products that interest you into a holding area, so that you can re-visit or purchase them later. The Wish List facility is only available if you've signed up for an Account with us. If you already have an account with us please login now. If you don't yet have an account, please take a couple of minutes to sign up here.

What's a Wish List for?
A Wish List is good for a number of uses. For example, if there are three T-shirts you like but you can't make up your mind which one to buy, you can add them to your wish list and compare them side-by-side, choose which one you're going to get now and leave the others in your Wish List to look at another day. Or, if your birthday's coming up, you can drop a big hint to your other half by emailing your Wish List to them, thus ensuring that you don't end up with a pair of Bart Simpson underpants or a home-knitted tanktop.

How do I create a Wish List?
Once you've logged in or signed up, just click the "Add to Wishlist" link for any product (see below) and your Wish List will automatically be created for you. After that you can continue to add as many items as you like.

How do I add items to my Wish List?
To add an item to your Wish List, just click the "Add to Wishlist" link for any product you like the look of. The link appears just below the main description on each product's info page.

Can I add "out-of-stock" items or "coming-soon items"?
Yes, you can add any items you like ..if you can see it the store, you can add it to your Wish List.

How do I view my Wish List?
You need to login or sign up for an account before you can view your Wish List. Once logged in, a link to your Wish List can be found in the menus at the top and bottom of any page, for as long as you remain logged in.

How long do items stay in my Wish List?
As long as you like, so long as they remain in our current range. Under normal circumstances any item you add to your Wish List will remain there until you remove it. However, if we discontinue an item and remove it from our entire store, it will automatically be removed from your Wish List at the same time, because wishing for things you cannot have will only lead to unhappiness, as Buddha points out.

How do I put items from my Wish List into my Shopping Cart?
To buy any of the items is your Wish List, just click on it's picture in the list and you'll be taken to the product's main page, where you can select the specific size, colour or style you want and add it to your cart in the normal way. Remember that the product will still remain in your Wish List even after you've bought it, so you will need to go back in there and delete if you no longer want it in your list ..which is no big deal as you can do this any time you like.

How do I remove items from my Wish List?
To remove items from your Wish List, just check the "Delete" checkbox next to the items in the list and then click the "Update" button at the foot of the page. They will magically disappear from your list. Wow.

Can other people view my Wish List?
Your Wish List is only accessible by logging into your account. Therefore, you're the only person that can see it online. However, you can email your wishlist to a friend (or yourself) by clicking on the "send my Wish List" button at the foot of the list. Alternatively, you can suggest to anyone close by that they come and have a look at your screen. At which point ..provided they don't ignore you.. they too will be able to see the fine selections you've made.

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